Milan Design Week

Salone del Mobile 2014 is to feature the latest designs of Melle Koot Design Studio: a new design in the flock of chairs collection: the easy chair and a modular element for building interior objects: named Nockstone, designed in collaboration with Volken de Vlas. 

The designs are on show at Arcade Boscovich 18 - via Cappellini in the San Gregorio Docet district in Milan from 8 to 13 April 2014. San Gregorio Docet is the new Fuorisalone district in Milano driven by Claudio Loria, founder of Leclettico. Information & press 
See you in Milan!

Press Kit on request:

On this occasion Nockstone will be introduced and will be showcased for the first time. Nockstone is a revolutionary new modular building block designed and developed by Melle Koot and Volken de Vlas. Nockstone is a unique building stone, interlocking in all directions and easy to assemble and disassemble you can (re)build a lamp or a stool, a bookshelf, or make an entire partition...and change it to something else! One single piece to build an endless variety of interior-objects. Each piece has the ability to keep (re)connecting in all directions. With Nockstone you can build your own design!

Nockstone comes in a variety of colours en different material to be customized to your liking. It is 100% recyclable and made of biobased, durable and sustainable materials, such as coconut fibre.

We are looking for investors or designlabels to support, build, produce, adopt and/or market this project, for more information take a look at or contact us direcly!

Photography: Paola Pansini 


Flock of Chairs Collection: Easy chair
These sleek and cuddly chairs invite you to blissfully sink in. The use of honest materials form an integral part of this. The woolen seat provides a natural comfort and is made of small leftover pieces of sheepskin patched together. The use of waste pieces of sheepskin for the upholstery of this chair gives it a new life. Each chair has a different coat and is therefore unique in colour and appearance, as every animal in the flock is also unique. The appearance of the coat can vary from long to short hair and straight to curly. The colours vary from white or cream, to brown, gray or black. The frame is madeof different types of native wood: a mixture of elm, apple, and oak. This woollen seat provides a natural warm and comfortable experience. All items of Flock of Chairs Collection are one-offs. Availability, prices and commissions upon request.

Photography: Jitske Hagens